Updates of hardware and software

Updates of hardware and software

To start with a new Bluetooth headset, the Teufel Move BT with main characteristics:

Bluetooth with aptX for wirelss, lossless signal up to 30 meters
Strong battery with playtime of max. 15 hours and 2 hours reload time

more on this in Dutch: https://www.teufelaudio.nl/koptelefoons/move-bt-p16096.html

Software updates:
I did update Nextcloud up to version 15.0.4. Apparently there was a bug in 15.0.3 where external storages was not browsable in the web UI and now it is.
More on that https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/14076
More on version 15 releases https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#latest15

I also updated cryptpad to CryptPad v2.16.0 (Quokka), more on Cryptpad releases:
The goal of this release:
We set aside an additional week for this release in order to deploy encrypted spreadsheets,  which we've been working toward for a long time. This feature combines  our usual focus on privacy with OnlyOffice's spreadsheet editor.

At least for this first release we're still considering this functionality to be highly experimental.  We've done our best to make this new application fun and easy to use,  however, it will still require a lot of work before it supports all the  features that you can expect from our other editors. We welcome you to  try it out and report any difficulties you encounter, though you may  want to wait before you start using it for all your financial documents.